Manage User Profiles on AviMall

AviMall’s User Manager allows you to create, customize and manage user profiles. This feature allows you to assign a specific profile to each user and to give them the access they need to fulfil their tasks. Several different functions/roles generally exist in a company; a sales person, for instance, does not perform the same tasks as an operations manager. Logically, you want to grant only the necessary access to each individual who uses your account.

User Manager

Give users permission to access specific sections of your account. For instance, you can give your sales team access to AviMall’s search engine and requests to search for suitable private jets to charter, empty legs or helicopters. You can also give your clients access to your Clients section for them to submit their requests exclusively to you.

Manage User Profiles

You may create unlimited roles based on different permissions. The roles can be adjusted very easily when needed in case you wish to add or remove some permissions from a specific role.

In this section you will receive all the registration requests of your VIP clients who registered through your public link. Yes, every Company on AviMall has its own public link which you can find in your company profile that can be used to invite VIP Clients via text message, social media or personal email to join your AviMall account. When using this link, your VIP clients can submit their preferred route(s) along with their registration details. All this information will remain in this section for your reference.

Furthermore, this section allows you to add an unlimited number of users to a single AviMall account! So, with User Manager it’s easy to set up multiple users by defining their roles & permissions.

One more thing, it’s always preferred to limit the access to this section in order to manage user profiles effectively.

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