AviMall Pricing Manager

The Pricing Manager allows you to set a pricing model for each aircraft you wish to promote on the platform, whether it is a Private Jet, Commercial Aircraft, Freighter, Helicopter aircraft or Air Ambulance.

Setting Up Your Pricing Profile

Setting up a pricing profile is an optional feature that is available on AviMall. You may choose to promote your fleet without creating any pricing profile; in this case your aircraft shows with no price on AviMall or you may set up a pricing model for your fleet which is used by AviMall’s Search Engine to calculate & display an estimate cost of any requested Charter Flight.

Do More with the Pricing Profile

The page displays both customized and standard options. The standard rates are applied to all requested charter flights disregarding the point of origin or the destination, whereas the customized option enables you to set different rates based on Airport, Country or Region. For instance, if the chargeable handling cost is fixed in all airports except in Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, then you may add this to your pricing profile. So, when a requested flight is set to depart or arrive to this airport, the system applies the customized Handling Charges by dismissing the standard one. If the customized rate applies to all airports existing in a country, then you may customize the Handling Charges based on Country.

Why customize Your Pricing Profile

You may want to try to customize your pricing profile which will efficiently calculate the quotes for your Charter Requests! Once the customized profile is set, you will receive a pricing breakdown along with every received flight request, which will display all charges related to the requested route. The pricing profile will help you determine the estimated cost of any charter request received through AviMall.


Additionally, instead of creating a Pricing Profile for each aircraft individually, you may link one profile to a group of aircraft. AviMall allows you to have an unlimited number of pricing profiles.

Test before You Set

Finally, AviMall gives you the option to test your pricing profile before going live and start receiving Charter Requests! This helps you make sure that everything is setup right.

Private Jet operators

No matter what kind of air operator you are; Air Taxi, Air Ambulance, Freighter or Charter Company, AviMall is your optimal air charter sales channel that helps you boost your business through professional Air Charter Brokers from around the globe.

Videos with the new layout will be available soon.

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