Air Charter Brokers on AviMall

AviMall is a professional platform that is developed to assist air charter brokers from all over the world in increasing their charter business by making charter aircraft findable through the advance aircraft search engine and by promoting their names on FlyPriva for end-users to request flights directly from them.

Air Charter Brokerage Companies & Individual Brokers

Members can get requests from end-users over FlyPriva and use AviMall’s most advanced aircraft search engine to find the ideal private jet to charter anywhere on planet Earth.

Aircraft, Helicopter & Empty Leg Search

Search for a fixed-wing aircraft with the Aircraft Search, Helicopter Search or Empty Leg Search with next to no effort at all on AviMall. With some effort you can use the advanced search to zero-in on that ideal private jet for charter you are searching for.

Promote Empty Leg Flights

With the aircraft’s operator’s approval, you can promote your empty legs in real time to Operators and other Charter Brokers on AviMall. Any empty leg posted on AviMall is searchable by VIP Travelers on FlyPriva, in other words, Charter Brokers can promote their empty legs to a big number of end users on FlyPriva

Charter Flight Requests

Seamlessly manage all your requests in one location for requests from Brokers and Operators with Requests and another location for requests from VIPs with VIP Traveler Requests on AviMall. You can always reply from your email to any received request, but you can easily keep track of all requests if replied and followed up through the system.

User Manager

Instead of having multiple accounts with no overview, AviMall gives you the opportunity of creating multiple user profiles, with different access levels, under one account which will efficiently make managing your account easier. AviMall‘s User Manager allows you to set roles for each user, such as giving them access to all sections or only to a specific section related to their department.

More Business

Register now and generate more business with AviMall. Whether you represent a Charter Brokerage Company or are an Individual Broker, AviMall is your optimal air charter sales channel that helps you boost your business by connecting you with the right Air Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents and Aircraft Owners.

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