Automatically Import Your Flight Schedule with AviMall’s API

Is your flight schedule growing and hard to import and manage manually?

With AviMall’s API, Aircraft Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents and Aircraft Owners can import flight and empty leg schedules from a wide range of scheduling systems such as LEON.

Import Your Flight Schedule

AviMall’s API allows you to auto-import your flight schedule and empty legs. Yes, this feature can be used to import data into any field that exists on AviMall, such as aircraft registration, departure airport, arrival airport and date & time.

Complete Automation!

You can schedule it to automatically import the data or manually by simply running the API. Also, you may preview the flights or empty leg flights when manually importing your schedule.

No Duplicates

Furthermore, whether you wish to import the flight schedule manually or automatically the API will help you reduce duplicate records.


This feature allows you to automate some parts of your workflow. It helps all Aircraft Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents and Aircraft Owners to manage their charter flights or empty leg flights schedules on AviMall more efficiently, which ultimately means managing the company’s resources more efficiently!

Save Time & Effort

AviMall’s API is meant to automate and optimize the importing processes in order to save time and effort.

The API helps you spend less time on importing and synchronizing data between your scheduling system and AviMall by eliminating manual entry, which is a time-consuming process!

More Traffic? No Problem

For these reasons, AviMall’s API is generally the most useful when there is an ongoing need to import data into AviMall.

Archive The Past, Manage The Present, And Schedule The Future!

If you operate VIP, commercial, air ambulance, or cargo aircraft and wish to import your empty legs, AviMall’s API will archive all the past schedules which helps you store, track and manage your entire schedule in one system, and it’s surprisingly easy to use!

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