Fleet Manager

AviMall’s Fleet Manager is one of the main sections on AviMall! The Fleet Manager helps Aircraft Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents and Aircraft Owners manage their Private Jets, Commercial Aircraft, Freighters and Air Ambulances. Calibration Planes, Sea Planes and other types of aircraft can be managed here as well. In other words, this is where you can add your aircraft to your AviMall account to gain more exposure and more flight requests!

How Does The Fleet Manager Work?

First, you need to create an aircraft profile. When we say create a profile we mean creating a full and complete aircraft profile. Filling out all the required information is very rewarding! It will increase the exposure of your fleet on AviMall whether the performed search is basic or advanced.

Furthermore, you may link your aircraft profile to a pricing profile which will ease your work on a later stage when you start receiving requests!

Make sure to submit the required documents, mainly the AOC, the Exclusive Marketing Agreement or the Ownership Certificate. When the aircraft profile is up-to-date other AviMall members interested in your fleet can simply go to your aircraft details to see the documents. Keeping the documents updated might be a tedious process, but you can rely on AviMall! The Fleet Manager will notify you when a document is about to expire or already got expired, this feature helps you stay up-to-date.

The Best Fleet Manager

AviMall’s Fleet Manager gives Aircraft Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents and Aircraft Owners complete control over the editing, distribution and viewing of their fleet details and documents. It helps you organise your entire fleet by allowing you to add an unlimited number of aircraft to your AviMall account. If your fleet consists of the same aircraft model, you can easily copy the profile of an existing aircraft & save it under a different aircraft registration and/or configuration type, this will save you time!

Finally, you may add some pictures of your aircraft profile and go live!

AviMall: The Way to Go

No matter what kind of air operator you are; Air Taxi, Air Ambulance, Freighter or Charter Company, AviMall is the optimal channel that helps you boost your sales through professional Air Charter Brokerage companies around the globe.

Videos with the new layout will be available soon.

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