Posting Private Jet Empty Legs

Is your client a flexible traveler and willing to travel at the last minute on a light jet, mid-size jet or heavy jet? Whether they are travelling for business or leisure purpose, you need to make sure that they are presented with the best possible aircraft options. AviMall’s empty leg search engine will help you find the most suitable empty leg flights for charter at very attractive prices.

The Solution

When all parties want a win-win-win solution, what options are left other than promoting and selling your empty legs?
AviMall gives Charter Brokers, Aircraft Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents and Aircraft Owners the ability to promote empty legs for Corporate, Cargo and Air Ambulance fights like never before.

Empty Legs On AviMall

You can always optimise your search results by using the advanced search option. AviMall’s advanced empty leg search gives you the ability to look for availabilities on a larger scale, you can search for empty legs by one or more countries or regions.

Increasing Exposure

AviMall increases the exposure of your private jet empty legs by sending a weekly list of available empty legs to all its members.

Importing Empty Legs List

Some Operators & brokers have a big number of empty legs that they wish to promote, which is precisely why AviMall features the option “Import Legs” which will save you time in a very simple way. The Import Legs option allows you to import your entire list of empty legs at once by simply uploading a spreadsheet.

Maximize Your Profit

To all Charter Brokers, Aircraft Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents and Aircraft Owners, stop wasting your time & your private jet empty legs now! Maximize your profit by posting your Empty Legs on AviMall.

Make sure to check AviMall’s “API” that assists Charter Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents and Aircraft Owners in automatically importing empty legs into AviMall by only entering them into the company’s scheduling system.


Charter Brokers benefit from FlyPriva which is specially developed for you! FlyPriva is the channel that connects End-users to all Charter Brokers on AviMall. Visit to find out more!

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