Fleet Scheduler

AviMall is all about building up as much support as possible to help and assist Aircraft Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents and Private Aircraft Owners to face numerous daily obstacles with ease.

Best Fleet Scheduler System

AviMall’s Fleet Scheduler is developed to support your daily tasks, ultimately increasing efficiency and productivity. Additionally, it allows you to schedule all your private jet charters in one tool to eliminate double bookings. It is simple and easy to use!

Manual or Automatic Management

It can be managed manually by the users or automatically by the system. The fleet scheduler allows users to easily add, edit, update or remove existing or upcoming events, such as private charter flights, empty leg flights and maintenance.

Real-time Confirmation

On the other hand, AviMall’s Fleet Scheduler has features that get the job done! When a flight or empty leg request is confirmed on AviMall, the fleet scheduler automates the process of posting the confirmed flight into the schedule of the Aircraft Operator, Exclusive Marketing Agent or Aircraft Owner, but only when the flight is confirmed through AviMall!

Import Schedules

Some Operators have a full schedule, so AviMall’s Fleet Schedules features an option called “Import Schedules” which will help you save time in a very simple manner. The Import Schedules option allows you to import your entire schedule at once by simply uploading a spreadsheet.

Choose Your Display

Furthermore, AviMall allows you to view your schedule in convenient ways, such as Table, Calendar & Timeline View. Plus, it allows you to limit the access to the fleet scheduler to employees who are qualified to fill schedules.

Archiving Your Flights

Once planned, the past schedule is never lost and always available for viewing! AviMall’s fleet scheduler archives your schedule automatically! So, all the activities added to your schedule will be stored in your account, and it’s only one click away!

Schedule Your Success

The successful functioning of the Aviation industry is largely dependent on scheduling daily private jet flights & empty leg flights, which makes the Fleet Scheduler essential to flight operations, whether large or small. It helps Aircraft Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents and Aircraft Owners keep their employees on the same page and eliminates any kind of booking conflicts for business to run smoothly!

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