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AviMall is one of the world’s leading charter marketplaces that helps charter brokers connect with air operators, exclusive marketing agents and aircraft owners from all over the world to find the ideal private jet, commercial aircraft, air ambulance, helicopter or freighter that suits their clients’ needs.

Charter Aircraft Search Engine

AviMall’s charter aircraft search engine is simple and fast! You just need to enter the requested flight details and the aircraft configuration type you are looking for; the search engine does the rest and puts the right aircraft in your hands!


AviMall is more flexible than other search engines! You may search for a one-way, two-way or multiple-leg flights. This engine saves you time by including matching private jet charter empty leg flights in your search result. Additionally, you may select as many options as your client requires, whether they wish to fly with their pet on board of an aircraft jet or prefer to smoke in the cabin, all this and much more can be added to your search criteria! Don’t forget to check our different layouts for your Search & Results Pages!


AviMall’s aircraft search engine is accessible to all its members. It covers everything from aircraft details, aircraft pictures to aircraft documents. In addition, it computes the prices accurately based on the pricing profiles set by air operators, exclusive marketing agents and aircraft owners. However, some companies prefer not to show any price thus, this was made optional!


Last but not least, AviMall’s aircraft search engine gives you the option to compare the available aircraft before sending your charter request. The comparison table is very simple & effective! It only displays the necessary information.

The Ultimate Jet Charter Marketplace

AviMall allows you to send your private jet charter requests to an unlimited number of air operators, exclusive marketing agents and aircraft owners. AviMall members are all accredited.

Whether you are looking for a VIP, Commercial, Medical or Cargo Flight, AviMall has got you covered!

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