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This is where all the magic happens!

Prioritising Your Requests

AviMall’s Request Manager displays private jet charter, helicopter charter or empty leg requests or responses that have not been processed yet first. This section will keep work flowing, enabling your Charter Sales Team to work faster by seeing exactly which requests they should direct their attention to.

Choose Your Action

The Request Manager allows you to reply to your received charter flight requests, empty leg flight requests and helicopter charter requests by sending quotes, confirming flights or declining the request. Furthermore, in this section the users will be able to exchange messages and communicate with the other party. The introduction of this feature is considerably helpful and efficient!

Real-Time Response

Additionally, the sorting of your requests on AviMall is instantaneous regardless of how big your request count is. AviMall archives your expired requests automatically! So, all sent & received requests will be stored in your account and they are only one click away!

Sorting & Tracking

AviMall has a simple sorting ability to view only incoming or outgoing flight requests. Also, tracking incoming and outgoing charter requests or responses on AviMall is really easy, as you will get a notification every time there is an activity related to your account.

Easier Display

The requests’ table displays all the necessary information, such as request status, requested route and much more. You can read a portion of your request without you having to open it.

Grouping Requests

Furthermore, AviMall will automatically categorise requests into bundles, so that requests sent to more than one Air Charter Broker, Aircraft Operator, Exclusive Marketing Agent or Aircraft Owner always stay grouped.

Stay Connected

AviMall will keep all your incoming and outgoing activities organised and will simultaneously allow you to transmit messages as easily as you send emails!

AviMall Sent Requests

Sent Requests

Received from AviMall

Received from AviMall

Videos with the new layout will be available soon.

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