Empty Leg Search Made Easy

Is your client a flexible traveler and willing to travel at the last minute on a light jet, mid-size jet or heavy jet? Whether they are travelling for business or leisure purpose, you need to make sure that they are presented with the best possible aircraft options. AviMall’s empty leg search engine will help you find the most suitable empty leg flights for charter at very attractive prices.

Empty Leg Charter Flights Search Engine

With next to no effort at all, you can search for private jets, commercial flights, medical, and cargo empty legs available worldwide. All you need to do is enter the departure and arrival airports, the results you’ve been waiting for will be within grasp.

Empty Leg Advanced Search

You can always optimise your search results by using the advanced search option. AviMall’s advanced empty leg search gives you the ability to look for availabilities on a larger scale, you can search for empty legs by one or more countries or regions.

Empty Leg Tracker

You are searching for an empty leg and are not able to find a matching one right away? At any given time, hundreds of empty leg flights are scheduled in the aviation industry. AviMall offers you an Empty Leg Tracker that will help you improve your customer service, decrease the number of your daily tasks and save your time. Since the empty leg charter flight list is updated in real time, the Empty Leg Tracker will constantly monitor AviMall’s Charter Marketplace and send you daily reports when empty legs matching your client’s request are posted. This will help you close fruitful deals.

Reliable Results

AviMall’s empty leg charter flights search engine displays only empty legs approved by aircraft operators, exclusive marketing agents or aircraft owners.

Save Energy and Time

Ultimately, AviMall features another search engine, including a very simple but effective feature. Whether you are an Air Operator, Exclusive Marketing Agent, Aircraft Owner or Charter Broker, the Empty Leg Tracker will help you manage and reduce daily workload.

Videos with the new layout will be available soon.

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