VIP Traveler Requests for Your Convenience

AviMall’s VIP Traveler Requests is developed for potential clients from FlyPriva! This is where VIPs will be submitting their requests to you!

VIP Traveler Requests Features

AviMall’s VIP Traveler Requests is sorted to firstly display private aircraft, empty leg flights & helicopter charter requests received from Clients that haven’t been read yet. This section will keep work flowing and enables your charter sales team to work faster by seeing exactly which client requests they should focus on.

Complete Control

This section allows you to reply to your received private aircraft, empty leg flights & helicopter charter requests by sending quotes, confirming flights or by declining the request. Furthermore, in this section the users will be able to exchange messages & communicate with the other party. The introduction of this feature is considerably helpful & efficient!

Sorting Requests

Additionally, the sorting of your requests on AviMall is instantaneous regardless of how big your request count is. AviMall archives your expired requests automatically! So, all your VIP Traveler requests will be stored in your account and it’s only one click away!

Activity Notifications

Tracking VIP Traveler Requests or Responses on AviMall has never been easier, as you will get a notification every time there is an activity related to your account.

Highlight Feature

The requests table displays all the necessary information, such as request status, requested route, VIP’s name & more, so with this highlight feature you can read a portion of your request without having to open it.

Request Private Jet Charters from Aircraft Operators

Furthermore, VIP Traveler Requests allows Air Charter Brokers to proceed with their client request received over FlyPriva by searching for a private jet to charter or an empty leg availability and contact the right Aircraft Operator, Exclusive Marketing Agent and Aircraft Owner for a quotation. AviMall members can manage anything that has to do with their VIP Clients in the VIP Traveler Requests!

Stay Connected

Finally, we all agree that email is a great way of communication, but AviMall will keep all your VIP Travelers’ Requests organized and will simultaneously allow you to transmit messages as easily as you send emails!

Win-Win-Win Situation

AviMall is committed to provide a competitive advantage to all parties in the air charter business. We follow a startling business model that creates a win-win-win situation, whereby VIP Travelers experience the magic of private flying and enjoy the incredible price cuts of empty sectors, whilst charter brokers take their commissions and grow their business, whereas air operators put their aircraft in the sky and generate more revenue.

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