FlyPriva,, is an extension of AviMall aimed to:

  • - make Charter Brokerage Companies visible to VIP Travelers.
  • - invite a new segment of travelers to experience the combination of luxury, convenience and privacy of using VIP jets by booking Empty Legs.
  • - increase Air Operators’ revenue by selling Empty Legs and increasing the number of passengers using business jets.

Charter Brokers

Pioneering a new business model, that allows VIP Travelers to select charter brokers of their choice to secure the best prices. We are confident that charter brokerage companies will use their expertise and knowledge to offer the most convenient business jet that caters to all the VIP’s flight needs and ensure their absolute satisfaction.

Lists of Charter Brokerage Companies will appear to VIP Travelers in the following sequence:

  • - Brokerage Companies with Verified Broker’s Badge on top of the lists.
  • - Brokerage Companies with the highest number of activity on AviMall will appear in sequence after the holders of the Verified Broker’s Badge.

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Air Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents & Aircraft Owners

FlyPriva is bringing Charter Brokers on AviMall and VIP Travelers worldwide together, in other words the number of received Charter Requests by Air Operators, Exclusive Marketing Agents & Aircraft Owners on AviMall will dramatically increase.


FlyPriva makes private air travel accessible through the website or mobile app connecting VIP Travelers with Charter Brokers on AviMall. Additionally, if you are a flexible traveler FlyPriva provides an empty leg search tool to help you find the most suitable private jet at lowest price possible.

Win-Win-Win Situation

AviMall is committed to provide a competitive advantage to all parties in the air charter business. We follow a startling business model that creates a win-win-win situation, whereby VIP Travelers experience the magic of private flying and enjoy the incredible price cuts of empty sectors, whilst charter brokers take their commissions and grow their business, whereas air operators put their aircraft in the sky and generate more revenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

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