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Consider the perks of Stratos private Jet Membership for your travels
As the 12 month and sales quarter wind down, most people square measure observing our travel plans for 2019. for a few travelers, you’ll get to book a private jet for necessary follow-up conferences with purchasers. and that we hope a number of you're booking a well-deserved vacation. So, before your 2019 Travel Agenda is totally stuffed, we have a tendency to thought we’d suggest the way to save lots of time and stress within the year. It’s a Stratos personal Jet Membership; the proper item for the mortal UN agency has everything.

What Is A Stratos personal Jet Membership, and What Will It Do?

The membership permits you to get a variety of flying hours at a hard and fast value. Usually, a 25-hour card is right for many desires. Recently, Forbes.com reported that there square measure over 65 variables thought-about in booking a personal jet. A Stratos personal Jet Membership takes the shot and lots of variables out of a personal jet flight booking.

There square measure such a large amount of perks to finance in an exceeding membership, like:

· Ability to fly nearly anyplace, while not the price of owning and maintaining a personal jet.

· A guarantee that your craft is accessible with as very little as ten hours notice.

· No got to buy quotes or pay invoices. You pay once, upfront. Done.

· No worries concerning market-driven value fluctuations. you merely procure the time you're within the craft. In distinction, on-demand charters (i.e. non-membership charters) square measure addicted to craft availableness and positioning, which may incur extra fees before you even step aboard.

· Preferred-client consistency. A Stratos private Jet Membership means that our air charter professionals will perceive your flying desires, and supply the peak of service consequently. we will recommend the craft and amenities that build each flight an excellent flight.

Pricing for a private jet card membership is predicated on the category of craft you decide on. The larger the craft, the additional the cardboard prices. However, you continue to gain all the price edges and schedule flexibility of a fixed-price pre-payment.

What’s a successive step? you'll visit our Stratos personal Jet Membership page, otherwise, you will forever decision the Stratos Team at the quantity below. Get the cardboard, and soar higher in 2019!


If you’re searching for a private jet rental company that provides private jet memberships, think about Stratos Jet Charters. we will prepare jet charters to any destination within the world.

Take advantage about flying in private jet membership 2019

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