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Let’s state the advantages of empty legs. And no, we have a tendency to don't seem to be talking concerning your kinsman UN agency will place away 3 helpings of vacation dinner. basically, AN empty leg flight is locating flight, to urge a particular craft to a particular location before a charter booking.

To offset the price of flying AN empty craft to a destination, Stratos Jet Charters offers discounts for empty leg flights. These flights are usually priced concerning 25 to75p.c less, looking on the sort of craft and therefore the route. Here’s however savvy personal jet travelers will profit of AN empty leg flight:

Be versatile. this can be an important purpose. Your empty leg flight might not line up together with your ideal travel itinerary. as an example, you would possibly get to depart from AN field that’s any away or depart at about the best time. however, the side of those minor inconveniences is snug personal jet travel at one among the bottom charter costs you’ll notice.

Be Ready. sensible travelers recognize that even unpunctual empty leg deals need some preparation. You’ll still want your passport and alternative travel documents. If you've got special physical wants or are traveling with pets, please inform the US prior to time. we are going to do our utmost to accommodate you. however remember that not each craft, crew or route could also be able to meet your wants. visit one among our agents; they will answer your specific queries.

Be Friendly. Most of our business travelers are wonderful at networking. this can be a certain advantage once traveling along on AN empty leg flight. If you'll be able to connect with friends or alternative travelers, contemplate ripping the travel prices between the cluster. you'll notice your personal empty leg flight be even cheaper than a flight with a significant airline.

What are the consecutive steps? Our Stratos Empty Leg web content shows the foremost common empty leg routes and has an internet type to request a quote. or simply decision the amount below, and one among our knowledgeable air charter agents can lief assist you.

Wondering why empty legs can’t be as low cost as a price ticket on the business flight? There’s an honest reason for that. investigate our previous post to search out: Why Can’t Empty Leg Flights choose extremely, extremely Cheap?

How AN Empty Leg Flight will Fill Your Travel wants ?

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